Information Materials

    Evidence for reversible oxygen ion movement during electrical pulsing: enabler of emerging ferroelectricity in binary oxides

    Observation of stabilized negative capacitance effect in hafnium-based ferroic films

    Emerging multimodal memristors for biorealistic neuromorphic applications

    Origin of off-centering effect and the influence on heat transport in thermoelectrics

    Flexible UV detectors based on in-situ hydrogen doped amorphous Ga2O3 with high photo-to-dark current ratio

    Expanding the potential of biosensors: a review on organic field effect transistor (OFET) and organic electrochemical transistor (OECT) biosensors

    Low-dimensional optoelectronic synaptic devices for neuromorphic vision sensors

    Tunneling magnetoresistance materials and devices for neuromorphic computing

    Intrinsic vacancy in 2D defective semiconductor In2S3 for artificial photonic nociceptor

    Ultrathin SrTiO3-based oxide memristor with both drift and diffusive dynamics as versatile synaptic emulators for neuromorphic computing

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