Focus on Perovskite and Organic Solar Cells

Guest editors

Wei Chen Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Jinsong Hu Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Yaohua Mai Jinan University



Perovskite and organic solar cells are promising thin-film photovoltaic (PV) technologies. Significant breakthroughs have been obtained in the last decade, thanks to the in-depth understanding of functional materials and advances in device architectures. In addition, solution-processability makes these emerging PV technologies to be cost-competitive compared to commercial thin-film PV techniques which rely on vacuum deposition facilities. Up to now, the key issues of perovskite and organic solar cells have become the high power conversion efficiency, long-term operational stability, large-area manufacturing and low environmental impact. This requires revealing device optical and electrical loss, degradation pathways, and advancement of device architectures and encapsulations.

This Focus issue will present papers aiming at addressing these R&D challenges and bringing the perovskite and organic solar cells to a higher degree of technology readiness levels.

Topics of interest:

  • ● Optical and electrical loss investigation

  • ● Degradation pathways analysis

  • ● Materials design and discovery;

  • ● Surface/interface engineering

  • ● Advanced device architectures and encapsulations

  • ● Large-area thin-film coating technique

  • ● Advanced characterization methods


Submission process

Focus issue articles are subject to the same review process and high standard as regular Materials Futures articles and should be submitted in the same way. Peer review will be organized immediately upon receipt of the submission and will be published online once it is accepted.

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Deadline for submissions

December 31, 2022


Article charge

All articles in Materials Futures are published on an open access basis. Article publication charges are waived for authors from 2022 to 2024.

    The stability of inorganic perovskite solar cells: from materials to devices

    Path to the fabrication of efficient, stable and commercially viable large-area organic solar cells

    Carbon-based perovskite solar cells with electron and hole-transporting/-blocking layers

    Can two-dimensional graphdiyne-based materials be novel materials for perovskite solar cell applications?

    Instability of solution-processed perovskite films: origin and mitigation strategies

    Key bottlenecks and distinct contradictions in fast commercialization of perovskite solar cells

    Recent advances on two-dimensional metal halide perovskite x-ray detectors

    Advantages and challenges of self-assembled monolayer as a hole-selective contact for perovskite solar cells

    Bilayer metal halide perovskite for efficient and stable solar cells and modules

    Defect passivation and electrical conductivity enhancement in perovskite solar cells using functionalized graphene quantum dots