Advanced scanning probe techniques and materials research

    Tailoring the oxygen concentration in Ge-Sb-O alloys to enable femtojoule-level phase-change memory operations

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    Scanning Probe Microscopy in Probing Low-Dimensional Carbon-Based Nanostructures and Nanomaterials

    Advanced atomic force microscopies and their applications in two-dimensional materials: a review

    Ultrafast flash memory with large self-rectifying ratio based on atomically thin MoS2-channel transistor

    Templated synthesis of crystalline mesoporous CeO2 with organosilane-containing polymers: balancing porosity, crystallinity and catalytic activity

    NO2 sensing with CdS nanowires at room temperature under green light illumination

    Interface and surface engineering of black phosphorus: a review for optoelectronic and photonic applications

    Efficient red perovskite quantum dots light-emitting diode fabricated by inkjet printing